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Friday, January 10, 2014

Flower Power and Getting a Little Love on the Side

Confession: I have a secret life. Sometimes I just cruise around on the internet hoping to hook up with that perfect... chair. Do you do this? I'm pretty sure, if I didn't have to come home and face my husband each night, I might become a hoarder. Actually, I'm pretty sure my husband and kids already think I am a hoarder. If they only knew how much I don't buy -- all those things I yearn for in my secret life.  Don't get me wrong, a classic Parson's, Louis, or Chippendale is great for the day to day, but sometimes a girl needs to step out on her wild side.

I think, if I brought home all that goodness and funkiness and weirdness that I sometimes want, I would end up in one of those TV shows, where your family and friends stage an intervention. And my secret life and fantasies would no longer be secret. (Seriously, though, if you staged an intervention on my behalf, I would not like it.  Don't do it. Just saying....)

The thing is, it's killing me not to get in the truck right now and buy these chairs. I am not sure I am strong enough to resist their Siren call.  Can you say flower power?  Holy macaroni, you could never be sad for one single day of your life if you sat in one of these happy chairs to drink your morning coffee!  (and you could still eat dinner with your tasteful Parson's chair -- the best of both worlds!) These are listed on Seattle's Craigslist right now!

Of course, if you shy away from giant purple and orange flowers, but still like bright color and retro lines, how about these chairs? Sleek and modern, but still fun and funky, right?

Now, this chair is supposed to be stylishly elegant in that 1967 kind of way, what with all the tufting and buttons, but somehow the horseshoe back makes it seems weirdly... strange.  That's kind of okay, because there are FOUR of these chairs available!  FOUR of these chairs, people, FOUR! 

This smokey little Lucite backed number is kind of cool. I spec'ed a similar set of chairs and a tulip table for a client about a year ago -- they are great "gender neutral" pieces, when flower power just doesn't fit the groove. The lines and Lucite material of these chairs make great conversation starters when you're entertaining!

And look!  More floral goodness!  If your taste leans more toward the blue and green end of the color spectrum, and flower power is your thing, these are the chairs for you.

Now, tell me, do you cruise the internet at night, hoping to find that perfect match? Do you constantly battle the call of Sirens? Do you secretly want to throw "good taste" to the wind, and embrace your funky side?  Do you love your classic chairs, but yearn for something a little different sometimes? Are you secretly hoping this will be the night you get lucky? Let me know in the comments below -- and don't worry, your secret is safe with me!


  1. vos secrets sont ravissants.. ne r├ęsistez pas

  2. I will tell my husband you said not to resist! :)

  3. You MUST buy the flower power chairs!

  4. Oh my gosh, some of these remind me ones I've had. Flower Power for sure!

  5. Fun Post!! I can NOT pass up a great chair...I may or may not be a Chair Hoarder... : )
    At a flea market with my family, we are somewhat separated... I spy a chair, make a beeline for it & my family is up the lane, laughing.. taking bets on how long it takes me to get to it : )
    (if the yellow & red are Herman Miller chairs, they would be quite valuable )

  6. Haha! My husband jokes that I only like to buy old broken chairs!


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