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Thursday, July 3, 2014

10 Awesome Driftwood Decorations!

Last week a good friend from Colorado came to visit at our beach house.  I love when she come to visit, because she is content to wonder on the beach for hours, looking for a certain kind of shell, or size of driftwood.

Needless to say, we always end up hiking back to the house with bags of heavy wet driftwood!

On one of my friend's previous visits we made these pretty little driftwood boats.

While I have supplies and plans to make dozens of those sweet little sailboats as gifts, we were also on the lookout for other project ideas.  Here are some fun driftwood projects from around the web:

This driftwood fish, from The Space Between, is such a cute and simple idea!

I am pretty sure I've never seen a starburst mirror I didn't like! That includes this driftwood starburst mirror from City Farmhouse.

How about making a set of unique roasting sticks, using driftwood for handles?

Drill some holes in a large piece of driftwood and drop in some tea lights, like they did at Restoration House Blog.

Don't have access to driftwood?  That's okay, this Etsy seller can hook you up with a gorgeous driftwood light fixture!

Drill holes in small pieces of driftwood and thread with elastic to make a one of a kind bracelet.... or buy a beachy driftwood bracelet from this Etsy seller!

You can find these driftwood trophies at Seaside Inspired -- or you can use them as inspiration to create your own driftwood trophy!

Maybe you will want to try your hand at creating a Pottery Barn Knock-Off!  I love the sculptural quality of this driftwood circle.

Creative In Chicago made the CUTEST driftwood seahorse!

Of course, you don't need to turn driftwood into something else to create a statement! One Etsy seller uses driftwood to stage a vintage wire basket she listed in her shop. I have an ongoing foyer staging gig in a Seattle building, and I will be stealing this idea for a summer display!

Do you collect interesting driftwood pieces when you visit the beach? Do you craft with driftwood or use it in your decor?

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