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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10 Fun Crafts to Make With Twigs

When the kids were little we spent many summer days at the park. Sticks and twigs were gathered and used as inspiration for games of fantasy (and, at one point, a child ran with a stick -- straight into a tree, resulting in the inevitable summer trip to the ER). Occasionally, little twigs found their way into craft projects, typical stuff, like snowman arms, stars, and wreaths.

Spring windstorms have brought down lots of twigs in our neighborhood this year, and I thought it would be fun to see what other creatives have been doing with twigs. Here are a few of my favorite twig projects:

Glue twigs together to form stars, then randomly wrap them with colored string and tie the stars into a pretty garland!

Gather mossy twigs, and use to frame a sepia toned photograph, for a "campy" look.


Use long twigs to create a striking starburst wreath, like this one from The Painted Hive.

I am loving this Himmeli style mobile!

whimsical geometric mobile by LA-based artist, Kim Baise

I'm pretty sure you're never too old to make fairy furniture!

These little twig raft sailboats would be simple enough to do with your kids, and cute enough for a summer mantel.

Trim a few dozen twigs to equal length, and wire them together to form a pretty fruit bowl, like this one from What I Made.

I found this darling coat rack idea at Garden Therapy.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best! I love this sweet simple heart from MooGoo.

This twig birdcage, from Running With Scissors is just TOO CUTE!

I hope you found something here to inspire you to look to nature for some of your craft supplies this summer!

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