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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Awesome Ways to Re-Purpose Vintage Crates!

Do you have vintage crates in your home?  How do you use them? I have an old fruit crate I inherited from my mother-in-law -- she used it in her garden, but I'm thinking I'd like to use it to store extra blankets in the living room.
Here is a round-up of ideas for re-purposing vintage crates, as well as some craigslist crates I found this week.

At Oh Glory Vintage, a vintage wooden milk crate was turned into a wine rack!

The Thompson Family re-purposed an old soda crate as an art supply cubby.

What a great idea for adding storage to the back of your bicycle!  Reuse a wooden wine crate!

Store extra pillows and blankets at the end of the bed.  Here, a gorgeous old banana crate is resting on re-purposed camp stools!

Turn a sturdy old crate upside down to create a raised dog feeding station.

Fill a crate with pretty bottles of fresh blooms!

Check your local craiglist, thrift stores, and used building supply yards to find crates in your area.  The crate shown here was listed by a local architectural salvage yard for only a few dollars.

This crate was only ten dollars at the same salvage yard -- it came home with me!

I've used it as a riser under my Christmas tree, a riser under a lamp, a craft catch-all, and I've turned it over an used the back as a photo backdrop!  It was perfect for displaying these folded origami stars I shared how to make in this post.

Here are a couple more crates I've found locally.

Above, is a vintage Chevron crate, for thirty dollars on craigslist.

This Pasque crate is only five dollars on craigslist!  Right now!

Are you inspired to search out a vintage wooden crate to use in your home (or on your bicycle)?  Maybe you already have one in an attic or a garage?