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Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Make a Folded Paper Star {The Easy Way}

We've had a last minute change of Christmas plans.  Eeeeek!  Instead of going out to our beach cottage for Christmas, we are staying in the city to accommodate family work schedules. I wasn't actually planning on putting up a tree in the city, and don't really have too many ornaments here -- only a few thrifted Shiny Bright ornaments.

I did, however, have quite a few sheets of origami paper picked up when we lived in China Town, so I grabbed glue and stapler and scissors and ribbon, and went to work making these sweet little six-pointed dimensional stars.

Now, I'm pretty sure real origami doesn't include glue and staples and scissors, but real origami probably isn't as quick and easy as these stars, either!  Here's how to make your own:

Start out with square sheets of paper.  I used origami paper that was about six inches square.

Fold the sheets accordion style into sixths.

Fold your folded paper in half and snip off the bottom corner to create your star points.

Staple along the fold line to secure.

Pull each side around and secure the very bottom edges together with glue, tape, or staples. Be careful here. You only want to adhere the tiniest little strip at the very bottom edge, so that when the star is fully open, it does not look lopsided.

Open up your star. Tweak the shape a bit, if needed. I used the tip of a skewer to straighten up the points from underneath and make sure things were symmetrical.

Embellish as desired. I used these little adhesive backed foam snowflakes from the Dollar Tree, but a simple little bead would also look great.

You can also play with layering papers!  I have a love affair with vintage book pages, so of course I had to create an origami star with vintage paper!

This is a quick,easy, and very inexpensive project. I made about two dozen folded paper star ornaments, and my total materials cost was less than a dollar!  They would also be great for embellishing a gift!

Here is another inexpensive project for making vintage book page stars.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I will definitely be making these!

    1. You are so welcome! It really is quick and easy, but the results are so pretty!

  2. merci, beaucoup d'effet pour cette étoile


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