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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

How to Draw a Spiral Rose

There are lots of ways to draw a stylized rose. Here is a fun little rose that anyone can draw -- even if you don't know how to draw.

Start by drawing a spiral, lightly, in pencil. Now, attach the bowl of the flower to the spiral -- basically, sketch a "U" shape that flares out at the top, where it connects to the spiral.

Next, draw a little swoop coming off the end of your spiral, to indicate the outer petal. Then sketch in the sepals (the little green leaves that wrapped around the rose when it was a bud). There is a little bump at the bottom of the rose, where the stem attaches. You can sketch that in, too.

Now, draw in the stems and some leaves.

Now, grab any markers (I used Crayola markers, here), and trace over the sketch, as shown.  Erase your pencil lines at this point. Now, grab any colored pencils and lightly color your drawing. I like to do this when I am coloring on vintage book pages to create a very slight resist, without filling in the tooth of the paper. This allows me to go back in and color on top of the pencil with the markers and float the color around a little bit.

Use more than one color for the rose, using lighter colors on highlighted areas, and darker colors where you think there might be a shadow.  Do the same with your leaves and stems. I used bits of red, yellow, brown, and green for mine.  Just for fun, I went back in and retraced my spirals with a gold pen, but you can skip that step if you prefer.  If you have a white pen, or a little bit of white-out, you can use that to lightly highlight areas you think the light would hit. I sometimes like to dab the white on, then rub it in a little with my finger.

Easy Peasy!

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