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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

How to Create the Look of Delft Tile for Card Making

I love the look of deft tile. When my daughter was young, she had a piano teacher who had been a missionary and had traveled a great deal. Each time they flew one of the dutch airlines, they were each given a keepsake tile. 

With all their travel, they collected quite a stack of of these beautiful tiles, and when they settled into their retirement home, the used their delft tile for the fireplace surround.
Their entire home was full of little touches like this -- mementos of a life well lived. Whenever I see a lovely deft tile, I think of my daughter's dear teacher, Mrs. Burggraff.

To create your faux delft tile, you will need glossy paper or photo paper. I used photo paper, because it's what I had, and I believe in using what you already have in your stash. Photo paper does not behave like glossy paper -- it grabs your ink quickly and it's difficult to smear.  Using a scoring board, I scored my paper every inch, then trimmed it down to four inches by five inches.

 I masked the corner squares and stamped "all over" the scored paper, trying not to press so hard that the ink transferred into the score lines.

I had some one inch square stamps that came in a package of Gelatos, so I used one of them to stamp the corners.

Next, I traced and colored the stamped images, using two different blue markers. I did not worry about accidentally going outside the lines because the registration of real delft tile does not always match, so going outside the lines makes it look more authentic, right? I gilded the edge of the photo paper with a gold pen.

I added a sentiment, and a stamped image of a cottage to finish the card.

If you have way too many paper scraps, you might like this post on how to bust your stash while creating a supply of embellishments.

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