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Monday, April 30, 2018

Making Embellishments From Paper Scraps

If you're a paper hoarder crafter, you probably have drawers, bins, and baskets full of small scraps. They take up space and energy in our lives -- space and energy we could be using for other things. Here's a project that will use up a lot of those scraps, and create lovely embellishments for gifts, cards, and journals

Start by gathering several punches in assorted sizes and shapes. I don't have a huge punch collection (but after this project, I've freed up some space in my life, so maybe I should grow the collection), but I had enough punches to keep myself busy for an afternoon. You can also use your die cutting machine to cut your shapes.

You will also need to gather up some adhesives. This is a great time to use up those almost empty bottles and tape runners.

If you have an assortment of odd fibers or washi tape, you can use those for this project, as well.

Once you have all your materials gathered up, start punching out shapes. Your assortment of shapes can then be stacked together.

You can sandwich bits of fiber between your layers of shapes.

If you have a lot of narrow strips of paper, you can use them like ribbons. Just glue them behind your stacked shape layers -- they will look like super cute streamers on a prize ribbon. You can keep it simple, or go as crazy as you want, creating something akin to a Texas prom mum. Just remember to have fun!

If you have a Tim Holtz Idea-ology sticker book (or any stickers), you can add those to your creations.

I hope you enjoy busting your paper stash as much as I enjoyed busting mine.

If you have a jewelry box full of broken jewelry, here is another stash busting idea you might like.

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