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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Upcycle Clothing Tags into Unique Gift Tags!

This is a fun little project where the hard work is already done for you, so all you need to do is the fun stuff? Don't you love projects like that?

I find myself hanging on to nicer quality clothing tags. Some of them already have rivets and twine or ribbon or acetate layers, etc.

It hurt my heart to throw them away, so I decided to turn them into gift tags/ embellishments.

You can use scraps of paper, old book pages, washi tape, ribbon -- whatever you have on hand. I wouldn't go out and buy new materials to do this project, as that defeats the purpose of reusing materials and using up scraps.

To cover a tag in book paper, I simply wrap the tag, then trim the excess. No complicated measuring or tracing. Then I repunch the hole, if needed.

You can wrap strips of washi tape, add stamps, and tie on a piece of ribbon or twine.

Not all your tags will need to be completely recovered.

Several of these tags have had areas of text selectively covered, leaving the interesting parts exposed.

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