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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Upcycle Leftover Sets of Notecards, to Create Useful, All-Occasion Cards

We've all got them. Maybe they're stuffed in a drawer somewhere, maybe they're in a closet, or maybe they're in the "donate" box in the mud room.  Every thrift store has them, too. They are the (often unopened) event specific thank-you cards. "Thank you for the wedding gift", "thank you for the shower gift", "thank you for the baby gift", etc.

The other day, I was looking at a package of these notecards at the Goodwill, and it occurred to me that these cards can be upcycled as card bases for all-occasion cards!

At first, I thought I could simply cover the front of the card with decorative paper or cardstock, but I quickly discovered that if the card catches the light just right, you can still see the text on the original card base.

It turned out that a simple fix was all we needed. The trick is to add two or three layers to the card. this lent itself to a very artsy type of mixed media card. Since my very favorite mixed media material is vintage book paper, I grabbed some books of verse that complimented some washi and origami paper I had to cover each card front, I started with torn strips of book paper and decorative paper. then I inked the edges, for a finished look. Cards were finished off with Dollar Tree embellishments from my stash.

Taking a cue from The Frugal Crafter, I used leftover bits to ink and decorate the envelopes.

This is a great stash busting project, as I was able to transform leftover papers into useful note cards. I was even able to line all of the envelopes!

A few of the cards were transformed into pocket cards, with coordinating tags. This was such a fun and easy project. Basically, there were no rules. I simply grabbed some papers and embellishments that I thought would work well together, grabbed glue and scissors, and went to work (or should I say "play")? I hope this post encourages you to look through your stash before running to the store to buy something new.

In addition to using these cards myself, I plan to package these into sets of three or four cards a piece, tie with pretty ribbon, and slip into Christmas stockings or give as hostess gifts.

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