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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Easy Pocket Card Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I shared how to upcycle leftover occasion specific note cards into beautiful all-occasion cards. This week, I'm sharing how to use the cards to make pockets cards.

The same technique will work for making pocket cards from scratch or from blank note cards. Pocket cards are a great way to add little surprises to your card -- you can create tags, or add a gift card, or maybe a set of movie tickets.

Begin by adding a decorative edge to your note card. I used a Martha Stewart edge punch, but you can use decorative edge scissors, or a die cutting machine, or you can freehand cut a pretty edge.

Next, fold up the decorative edge, as shown. Ink the edges, if desired. When the card is finished, it will be "upside down", with the original folded top edge being the bottom of the card.

Now, add a piece of decorative paper, if needed/ desired, to what will be the back of the pocket. If your paper doesn't cover the entire pocket back, that's okay -- the bottom part won't show.

Glue another piece of decorative paper underneath where the punched edge of the card folds back. Using a very thin bead of wet adhesive, glue the edges of the pockets closed, as shown.

Add a pretty tag or gift card, and you are done! This is one of those easy "five minute" projects that will look like you fussed over it for a long time.

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