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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Creating an Art Index Card A Day!

Are you doing the Index Card a Day challenge? This is a challenge to create a small piece of art on an index card, every day, for the months of June and July.

This challenge is the brainchild of Tammy, over at Daisy Yellow Art. You can go to her website for challenge details.

I tend to arrive late to most parties, so I did not even get started until mid June. Since I was already behind, before I started, I decided to create all my backgrounds at once, to sort of kick start my project. I suspect, that's not technically following the rules, but I'm sure Tammy won't mind.

The idea behind using index cards is that they are not precious. If you mess them up, you haven't wasted any expensive supplies.

The problem I had with index cards, is they're not very substantial anymore. I wanted to beef mine up a little bit, so I glued some ugly cardstock, from my stash, onto the backs of the cards.

Next, I added layers of book pages, scrap book paper, and gesso to the fronts of the cards, so they would be ready to "grab and go".

I will confess that, even with my backgrounds already finished, I am having a hard time keeping up. Still, it's a fun project, and it's a great way to experiment and stretch yourself.

You can do anything you'd like, on your cards. If you enjoy stamping, then stamp. If you're a painter, paint. Mixed media? Absolutely!

The idea here is to get creative, without fear of messing up precious materials.

Would you try index card art? Daisy Yellow Art will be doing similar challenges each summer, but you don't have to wait for a challenge to break out those index cards and start creating!

To see how I find materials for mixed-media art, click here.

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