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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ideas for Displaying Children's Art

A couple of years ago I shared about our art collection. We have a giant portfolio of our children's artwork. At one point, years ago, the art lined the walls of our breakfast room.

It made our kiddos feel so good about themselves to have their work displayed so prominently in our home!

Of course, our kiddos are all in their twenties now, and they don't really care if I hang their childhood artwork, but I think I want to hang a few select pieces -- maybe incorporate them into a gallery wall of other art or family pictures.

If you want to display your own collection, but are not sure where to start, here are some beautiful art installations for inspiration!

I love this clothesline display -- the clips make it easy to rotate pieces and keep things current.

The bright colors of the artwork really pop against this black wall!

This pin does not lead to the proper source, 
so if anyone knows the source for this 
beautiful photo, let me know!

Here is another creative way to hang art with clips.

The matching frames, and rectangular arrangement of this gallery give the pieces importance.

How about using tape or vinyl frames for a playful display?

I love this giant cork wall! It is perfect for spontaneously pinning original pieces.

Beautifully matting and framing any art elevates it!

It's okay to mix framed and unframed pieces....

Here, an entire gallery wall was created behind the sofa -- so fun!

This family made good use of the area around the television to create a gallery.

How about using a sliding barn door as a bulletin board?  The art looks really striking against this black background.

Add personality to a cozy breakfast nook with framed pieces.

Have these beautiful art installations inspired you?  Do you have a kid's art gallery in your home?

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