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Monday, January 27, 2014

Decorating With African Juju Hats

A few years ago, African Juju hats took the decorating world by storm. Ceremonial headdresses from Cameroon, Juju hats, are traditionally worn by prominent members of the Bamileke tribe.

These gorgeous round feather hats were discovered by the interior decorating world and things have never been the same!

They are made from feathers that can be dyed or left natural, and the hat can be folded up, or opened out wide.

These headdresses have a long and rich history.

Today, they can be purchased for the home decor market from vendors, including Neiman Marcus, as shown below.

The Juju hats shown in the next two images are found through Table Tonic.

I love the texture these hats bring to a space!

You can see how beautiful they can be when the feathers are left natural.

This huge pink Juju hat is stunning against the dark green paneling in the room below.

I was inspired by traditional Juju folk art to create my own versions -- using vintage book pages.

Here is the first Juju wreath I created. I love how it turned out -- the aged paper and the texture of the crinkled strips are really pretty.

Here is the second Juju inspired vintage paper wreath -- it is smaller and quite a bit more "crinkly", and it went together much more quickly than the first.

The tutorials should be up in a few days! (Edit: the first tutorial is up -- here is the link.)

Do you use traditional art forms as inspiration and as "jumping off points" for your own projects?


  1. Amanda I love yours so much! The paper is the perfect material and can go with so many different styles/rooms. Pinning!

    xo, Tanya

    1. Thanks, Tanya! Be sure to watch for the tutorials. I agree that paper is such a versatile material to work with -- and it's green and frugal, as well!


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