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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Drop In Bathtubs

We're adding a drop in tub to the master bathroom at the beach house.  Here are a few images of tubs that we found inspirational.

drop in tub, bathroom spa feel, wainscott, beadboard, white, carrara marble traditional bathroom

beadboard, white, carrara marble, drop-in tub, bathroom, white, spa like traditional bathroom

traditional bathroom traditional

Farmhouse Reinterpreted contemporary bathroom

Minnesota Private Residence traditional bathroom

This is how our tub alcove looked the first time we saw the place.  Not very inspirational.  The tub was pink and cracked, and the tile was pink, and the "step up" configuration was lethal  (this was built in the days before building codes stopped allowing "step up" tubs).

We were very happy the day that tub was demolished....

.... and ended up in a pile of rubble in the driveway.

Here is what our new tub looked like a couple of weeks ago.

It's nice and deep....

I can't wait for that first luxurious soak....

It won't be long, now!

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