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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vintage Bathtub Love

Don't you love a beautiful vintage (or reproduction) claw footed tub?  This cheery yellow tub, from Sarah's Farmhouse, has got to be my favorite of all time.

Love the yellow against the grays.

 Sarah's Farmhouse
We recently spent our first weekend in our beach house.  The remodel is not finished, but we camped in the house with our air mattress and folding chairs.  It was pretty wonderful to wake up in the morning to a panoramic view of crashing surf!  We only have one functioning bathroom at the moment, the one in the loft that I talked about here. 

It's not pretty, but after several hours of scrubbing, I can honestly say that it's clean. 

And it has a claw foot tub.  Here it is prior to cleaning:

(I've gotten 90% of these rust stains out, just using elbow grease and determination -- if anyone knows a trick to removing rust stains, let me know)

Needless to say, I have claw footed tubs on the brain, now.

So, I've gathered a collection of bathroom images with amazing vintage tubs.

This bright yellow bathroom with the floral textiles is so doggone cute, I could scream.

Love the wainscoting and vintage paintings in this bath.  And the sign....

How can you go wrong with a classic color scheme like this?

It's fun, how the stylists used furniture in this bathroom vignette from Country Living.  I'm pretty sure it is just a staged vignette, as you can see in the foreground the tile isn't complete (and that chandelier hanging over the tub would never have passed an electrical inspection -- very dangerous).

More classic black and white...

I love that a claw foot tub can work in the humblest or grandest of spaces.

Of course, if you don't want to get wet in your tub, you can still curl up and relax with a good book in one of these pieces!

I think this bathroom will probably get its face-lift sooner, rather than later.  Who knows?  If we're happy with a face-lift, it may never get a remodel.  There is so much wonderful inspiration out there for creating a beautiful space around a vintage tub!

What do you think?  Do you love the idea of taking long soaks in an antique bathtub?


  1. Barkeepers Friend is the answer to rust. Just sprinkle some on and leave it for a bit and scrub clean!

  2. Oh wow! Those are all gorgeous tubs...

    A lot of hours will be spent in there if one of those are in my home.

  3. I love claw foot tubs but I have one in this old house & it literally takes over the bathroom. You have to scoot between the tub & the toilet to get to the sink. I need to remove mine & put in a shower. I sure wish my bathroom was larger.

  4. Oh! Lucky you to have a beach house to renovate. That is my dream someday :) I'm a huge fan of clawfoot tubs...I had one in my first apartment. I think all your inspiration images are lovely.


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