Google+ House Revivals: The Beach House Gets a Sleeping Loft

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Beach House Gets a Sleeping Loft

We're doing it!  We're adding the sleeping loft we talked about in this post. One of our guest bedrooms has a cathedral ceiling, and shared part of one wall with a little attic space, like I shared in this diagram.

This guest bedroom started out life as a workshop attached to a garage; then, a former owner of the house converting the garage and workshop in bedrooms.   When we bought the house last fall, we knew we wanted to keep the bedrooms, but we tweaked the floorplan a bit and made a few other changes.

 Here is how the room looked while the house was up on cribbing.

One BIG change we made was to lift the house nine feet to recapture a view lost to a growing sand dune!

old view (holding the camera over my head)

new view

This is how this guest room looked the first time we saw it.  It had suspended fluorescent lights, with exposed conduit, a concrete floor, a door leading to the driveway, and it was piled with moldy insulation.

The room was about twenty feet long, but felt oppressively narrow.  By playing around with the floor plan, we were able to correct the room's proportions, like I talked about here.

This is how the space looked a week ago.  We took down the wall that separated the bedroom from the little attic storage space, to create a sleeping loft attached to the bedroom.  The space can now function as a "family suite"!

And here is a concept for the finished space.

Let's look at the "before" again!

And now, the "after".

What do you think?  Pretty big change?

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