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Friday, June 24, 2011

Beach House Kitchen Finishes and Inspiration

Several weeks ago I spent some time ironing out the final kitchen design for the beach house.  Remember this color concept board posted a few months ago?

Well, the kitchen colors will definitely be taking their cue from this concept, with the addition of spring grass green.

Here are some of our selections so far. I am in love with the soft gray painted cabinets....

The existing slate floors are gray, like the sand of Pacific Northwest beaches.

The gray cabinet finish we've chosen is inspired by silvery driftwood.

We would love to have quartz countertops that echoed the color of sun-bleached sand dollars, but those may have to be nixed due to cost over runs in other areas....

Bright green spring grass gives us the color inspiration for our large window treatment.

Streaks of pink in a local sunset and inspired the pops of pink for kitchen seating.

Natural hessian cloth accents are inspired by the color and texture of late season dune grass.

Of course, the kitchen transformation won't happen all at once --  we are doing the kitchen in three phases.  This first phase has focused on just making the kitchen functional, by working on the layout, making repairs, redoing drywall, replacing windows, and so on.  Our cabinets have not arrived yet, but they will be here soon!


  1. It will sure to look good...

    Oh I love gray cabinets,
    they look neat. And I'm lovin' that green
    fabric in there, nice pattern too.

  2. I have just spent the most wonderful hour reading backward through your remodelling adventures ... having popped over here from someone's blog roll. I'm putting a link on my own blog roll, so I can come back on a regular basis. I'm excited to see what happens as you begin to add finishes to your rooms. How exciting!!

  3. Beautiful choices. The view from inside out will be seamless - and why compete with the fabulous vista of sand surf and sky? I think the jolt of grass green is a great!

  4. From you blog to my imagination...
    the light bulb finally came on and I have the familiar "duh" feeling that comes with it for not putting together a color concept board together to help me with my bed and bath design.
    My hat's off to you for helping me learn something new today.
    Congratulations on such a beautiful blog. You've reached out and inspired through pictures and words.

  5. oh my, i do like your sources of inspiration ... this sounds like it will come together beautifully!

  6. Brilliant source of inspiration, sandollar, wood , and twigs, they are excellent choice for design because they came from nature.


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