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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to Make Wire Sphere Charms

Have you ever wondered how to make those fun little wire sphere charms used in assemblage jewelry making? It's easier than you think!

I was recently inspired to make wire sphere charms when I purchased an assemblage piece from the craft store.
I used one of my handmade wire charms when I made this necklace using items found in the junk drawer.

Here is a closer look at the inspiration piece from the craft store.

When you start out making these wire spheres, don't use your expensive wire. Practice with cheap wire until you have mastered your technique. I used steel wire I shared about in my post about making wire wrapped glass pendants with dollar store supplies.

To begin, cut a piece of wire about twenty inches long, then wrap about half of the wire around a pen or dowel. I think twenty gauge works well for this.

Carefully remove the coiled wire from the pen, then take one end of the remaining wire and thread it through the wire coil.

Gently coax your wire coils into a spherical shape, and begin wrapping the remaining wire tails around your sphere.

You can use the tips of your needle nose pliers to give occasional twists to the wire to make it look tangled. You don't have to.

Use the last bit of wire to fashion a hanger, or add a jump ring.

Experiment with different dowel sizes and wire lengths.

Make a simple pair of earrings, or add your charms to bracelets or assemblage pendants like I did in the picture above.

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