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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Make an Elegant Pendant From Dollar Store Glass Gems!

A few weeks ago I shared how to make wire wrapped pendants from dollar store supplies.

It has been a popular post! Today, I want to share how I "stepped it up a notch", using gold craft wire, and a twisting technique that makes the wire wrapping super snug.

I still had lots of glass gems left from my dollar store trip, so I used those.

I wanted to used gold wire, so I grabbed some blue stones that would look great with the gold wire.

(Here is a picture of one of the original glass gems, made with steel wire, next to a more elegant looking version made with gold wire. Both settings are fun, and I've kept the "messy" look going with the loose wrapping around the bail.)

I used a slightly different wrapping technique this time, too.

Begin with two wires, each about fifteen inches long. Cross them in the center and twist three or four times.

Lay your glass gem on top of the twisted wire and begin wrapping the four tails around the gem, twisting ends together here and there. You can be very random, or very systematic -- that's up to you.

Once you have enough wraps for the gem to be very secure, bring the tails to the top of the pendant and twist together.

Form a bail (a place to hang your pendant onto your necklace), using your round nosed pliers, or by wrapping the wires around a pen or dowel.

Wrap your loose tails around the neck of the bail, trimming where desired.

You can trim and tuck your wire ends, or form them into pretty spirals. Now, take the ends of your long nose pliers and grab the wrapped wires and twist little notches into them. This will make the wire sit very snugly against your stone.

To see my original wire wrapped glass gem tutorial, click here.

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