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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Must Have Craft Supplies From the $1.50 Store!

Here in Seattle, we have a store called Daiso Japan. Unless otherwise marked, everything is $1.50, which is just about everything in the store.

If you don't have a Daiso near you, they also carry quite a bit of product in their online store, which I will link below.

Daiso Japan is an import store that carries a variety of goods, from cooking and baking supplies to tools and gardening implements to food to make-up to fashion accessories. I buy a lot of my craft supplies from Daiso. Here are 29 craft supplies I pick up at Daiso Japan:

Canvas pouches. First of all, these are just plain cute. Second, they are great for drafting on the go and for storing "in progress" projects all in one place.

Vinyl document pouches. See above. I especially like that I can see inside these. They are very sturdy and are great for heavier projects. I use one of the larger pouches to keep samples and a file folder when I need to shop for an interior design project. Since the pouches are so strong, I can keep small tile samples, molding samples, and a folder with CAD drawings and sketches for one project all together. And while, it's not a craft project, it's worth mentioning that I use these for their intended purpose, as well -- all my yearly tax stuff gets stowed in these document pouches before being archived! These pouches come in many different sizes, so they are sure to have something that will fit your needs.

Foam tape, double-sided tape, magnetic tape, and washi tape. I use the double sided tapes when I'm not concerned about archival quality, and let's face it, most of our projects don't need to be archival. The magnet strips are handy for making gifts and crafts, the foam tape is great for adding dimension to crafts, and the washi tape is great for gift wrapping, journaling, planner organizing, card making, and the list goes on!

If you like making your own salt scrubs or bath salts, these little carved wooden scoops can be tied onto a mason jar filled with your favorite scrub or bath salt for gifting!

Skinny colorful chalk. It's often hard to find colored chalk that's not fat sidewalk chalk. Skinny chalk is great for writing on chalkboard labels and walls and doors. I have several chalkboards in my life, that hold anything from wifi passwords to birthday greetings, and it's great to have the option to use colored chalk.

Pretty deli paper. You will find this in the kitchen section, but it is great for Mod Podge projects, projects calling for tissue paper, and so on. I used it to make rosettes for my Chinese New Year wreath.

Palette knives and paint brushes. Not all projects call for expensive brushes. While I do have some very nice brushes that I've kept for years and years, for crafty projects and projects where the brush is going to take some abuse, I like to grab a cheap brush. Palette knives are great for uses beyond painting, so it's great to have some extras around for scraping and lifting and manipulating stuff.

Refrigerator magnets. I like these magnets because there is a large smooth surface for decorating, and the magnets themselves are large and strong. Many fridge magnets are very small and not very powerful and I find that they don't do a great job of holding my granddaughter's artwork.  (Yes, I am an interior designer who "breaks the rules" and displays kid's artwork on the fridge. I don't believe in "design rules", and nothing makes me happier than to proudly display a child's art). I love my refrigerator magnets. :)

Clear plastic pouches, cute sticky memos, and silicone finger cots. I've used these clear envelopes to present business cards, with free consult coupons, and fliers, and so on, but they are also great to slip a jewelry card into with pendants or earrings for selling at craft shows. Tiny memo strips are great for planners and journals and blog calenders. I've even used them in mixed media collage. Finger cots are great for getting messy with glue, protecting your fingers from burns with hot glue, and for adding "grip" to objects.

Business cardholders and pipettes. Business cards are great to have on hand all the time. How many times have you been talking to someone about your craft or design business or your blog, and realized you didn't have any business cards with you? The pockets in these allow you file important cards "rolodex style" -- very handy when you're networking, or to keep those "go to" business cards all in one place. You can also keep stickers and small paper scraps in the pockets for your travel journal. Pipettes are great for mixing inks and carefully controlling how much liquid you want to drop into or onto a project.

I love the phone accessories from Daiso. While I don't want to hang these pretty flowers and charms on my phone, these are great for dressing up a canvas tote or other project you've decorated, or for clipping to your handbag "just because!"

Wood pulp clay, rivet setters, and staplers. I love the wood pulp clay and buy it when ever it's in stock. It has a workability similar to paper clay, but is much more light weight and much less expensive. I do a lot of "crafting on the go", so having small tools, like this rivet setter, is super handy. I can pop the setter into a little canvas pouch (see above) with some rivets and leather strips and make a piece of jewelry in a hotel room (just don't hammer at 2 a.m. -- the neighbors get a little testy). These little staplers are great for paper crafts, when you need to get into tight spaces.

Metric cutting mats and rulers and disposable craft knives. I don't usually care if my craft mats and rulers are metric or imperial, as long as both mat and rule are the same (unless I'm quilting -- then I use imperial). I'm usually just trying to get a straight cut. I like the clear rules because they are great for lining things up, but I like to cut against a metal rule when using a craft knife. I also like to fold against a thin metal rule to get a good sharp crease. These rules and mats are small enough to slip into a pouch to keep as a "to go" cutting set.

Makeup sponges. Keep a supply of makeup sponges on hand for applying and dabbing and daubing just about anything. I suspect some of the thin flat sponges would be great for adding dimension to paper craft projects, as well.

Really cool index cards, and calligraphy pens. I have a little love affair with index cards. In my life, they have been used for everything from term paper notes to journal pages to list holders to flash cards. I've manipulated them for jewelry making, used them for mixed media art, drawn out design schemes, and occasionally folded one up to slide underneath a wobbly table leg. I love that the lined cards are decorative, and the graph cards are fantastic for scale sketches.  Calligraphy pens are just plain fun, whether you are a serious calligrapher or just like to fake it.

Divided plastic cases. These are great for storing small supplies, such as beads. I was excited to find the little pill box, as it will be perfect to put beads in and slip into that vinyl pouch (see above) with some wire and jewelry pliers for crafting "on the go". I love portable projects.

Reading glasses. There was a time when I could craft and sew for hours on end without wearing glasses. Not anymore. I'm not sure if this happens to you, but I lose drugstore readers all the time. My new solution? Saturate my life with them. One for the city condo, one for the beach house, one for the handbag, one for the glove box, one for the craft room, one next to the bed, one for the bill pay basket and so on. Just because. (We've also saturated our lives with phone chargers and power supplies...). After I purchased these, I realized I'm now a +2 girl. Sigh....

If you are ever on the west coast and have a chance to visit a Daiso Japan store, I highly recommend you go. If not, you can always shop their online store (this is not an affiliate link -- I just like the store). Inventory changes, and they sell out of popular items at times, so check back often.

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Do you have a discount store you love to shop at? Let me know in the comments. To see amazing craft deals from the Dollar Tree, click here.

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