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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

{10} Amazing Craft Supply Deals From the Dollar Store!

Do you live near a Dollar Tree?  I try to visit one every few weeks or so. I go to Dollar Tree to stock up on certain guest supplies for the beach house (you never know when a guest will forget their toothbrush, or a little one will need a new and novel activity to keep them entertained).

Dollar Tree can also be a great source for craft supplies! There are certain craft supplies I buy from Dollar Tree every time I go, and I am always finding new items.

While it may well be less expensive per yard to buy very large spools of baker's twine from other retailers, if you only use it for the occasional craft or card, you can buy these three-packs for, you guessed it, one dollar! For three dollars, I got nine different colors to play with.

You may even find rolls of washi tape! This is a popular item, and tends to sell out quickly, so check often.

If you enjoy altering and embellishing your planner, but can't justify buying an expensive planner system, these little planners may be exactly what you're looking for. I used a little pocket  planner for my up-cycled romance novel planner that I shared about HERE.  The larger planner was incorporated into another up-cycled planner project I will share soon.

Labels are great for making gift tags and art journals, and for labeling bins of craft supplies. I love the look of a classic mailing label!

Seasonal products are another great buy from the Dollar Tree. These little glittered eggs are pretty cute as they are, but they will get the speckled robin's egg paint treatment, and look really sweet as bowl or vase filler, or decorating little twig nests this spring!

Office supplies are essential to everyone, but crafters take them a step further! The reinforcements can be colored with markers and used to reinforce smash books or journals or planners.

I use white-out for adding highlights to marker sketches and renderings.  Highlights can be that extra something that brings your drawings to life.

Hair elastics! What can I say? I love them. Not only are the great for hair, but the headbands are perfect for securing a planner or notebook, and the smaller ones are great for securing pocket planners and mini art journals. I also like them to add an extra layer of security to my bead storage containers -- it's heartbreaking to accidentally dump an entire container of beads on the floor because the lid wasn't secure!

Binder clips are great for holding projects together while glue dries. I also use them in my planners and art journals. You can glue pretty paper from your scrap stash to them, and package them with a pretty notebook (you can get notebooks at Dollar Tree, too) for gift giving!

Colored staples. These just make me happy. So often we crafters hide our staples, but these colored staples can be an intentional part of a design plan!

These are just ten of my "go to" craft supplies from the dollar store. To see a popular jewelry craft using dollar store supplies, click HERE.

Do you have favorite dollar store supplies that you buy every time? Let me know in the comments. Do you love the dollar store? Hate it? Let me know! I love to hear what you think.

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