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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cool Stuff You Find When You Clean Out the Attic

Cleaning out the attic, as it turns out, is kind of fun. You find all this awesome stuff you forgot you had! You get all the happy brain chemicals you might get from shopping, without any of the remorse you get from spending money and bringing home more stuff. It's a win win!

It's kind of hard to go wrong! When I left off last week, we'd just spent one weekend unboxing and getting rid of stuff, and two weekends building and placing shelves and caulking all the places where the wind came in.

I still have lots of stuff to get rid of, or pass on to the kids, or store somewhere else (I am not giving up precious studio-attic space for Christmas decor storage).

Probably a third of the remaining stuff in the attic needs to find another home, but I am excited about some cool stuff that has been rediscovered that I want to keep.

This PAIR of vintage mid-century light fixtures stops my heart.  They will find a home at the beach house! They are just too cool not to use.

I cannot wait to dust off this mat cutter! It is so handy for decor projects, genealogy stuff, and gift making. It's HUGE, though, so I can't decide if I want to give it a permanent home on the work table, or tuck it away in a corner when not in use. Any thoughts?

These vintage picnic baskets are full of beads and jewelry making supplies. My mother used to have a jewelry making business, and when she passed away, my sisters-in-law and I divided up her stash. PLUS I already had my own stash.....

My husband bought me this ginormous cutting mat more than twenty years ago and it is still in great condition! It has never had a permanent home, so I look forward to leaving it out on the worktable all the time.

Here is another cool light fixture. It has kind of a tulip or artichoke vibe and I love it.

A few years ago, I did this photoshop illustration of a built-in daybed concept for the living room loft area. At the time, I was thinking this tulip light fixture would be perfect in that space, but I couldn't find any images of a similar fixture to plunk into the picture, and this fixture was packed away in a box.

This rolling office chair. It's the perfect height, super stable, and comfy.  This chair has been really handy, as I've been moving boxes from one side of the room to the other. With the low ceilings and beams, there is a lot of potential for bumped heads and a sore back from crouching. We've devised a system of "chair riding" to move boxes around and to caulk the low parts of the ceiling and walls. This chair has made the whole process almost fun.

My grandmother's Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. Made from genuine polyester double-knit. I love it, in all it's polyester glory. My grandmother was so very happy with the invention of polyester double-knit. This miracle textile freed her from the ironing board, and gave her more time to sew and knit and grow flowers. I was so thrilled to find it buried in the attic. Since polyester is dyed before the fibers are extruded, I think this quilt will be light safe if I hang it on the big wall above the stairs.

Oh, how I have missed my serger! When the kids were younger, I saved my pennies for over a year to buy it. So many memories....

These are just a few of many many items I've "found" in the attic. I'm so excited that I will once again be able to use them!

For Valentine's Day, my husband bought me two of these work tables from Home Depot. They've gotten great reviews, so I'm hopeful that they will work well in the studio/attic. We plan to hack them a bit, by adding wheels and bracing, and bolting the two tables together. I'll let you know how that works out!

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