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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Creative Ways to Add Storage to Your Kitchen

Are you one of those people who vows to get more organized with the new year?  I love new years and new beginnings! It's a great time to tackle those projects we've been putting off for ages. Sometimes we need to organize our kitchens a little bit better, but our space and resources are limited.

Here are some easy and pretty ideas to help you get your kitchen in shape for the new year!

Convert a thrift store desk into a one of a kind kitchen island. Add shelves in the knee space for storing wine and serving dishes. A towel rod on the side and a cutting board on top turn this into a hardworking island!

Use an old ladder (or crib rail!) to hang pots and pans. Store baskets on top. Such a pretty and functional solution!

Add an eclectic mix of open shelving to add texture and interest while providing easy to reach storage. This is a great solution for those items you use every day!

Use inexpensive wood crates from a discount store to create a custom shelving unit! This is an especially good idea for renters and students. When it's time to move, put your things in the crates and carry them to the next place!

Use a vintage plate rack to keep your dishes handy! Hint: seal the piece well, with polyurethane, to prevent chipping of old paint.

Stack vintage (or new) picnic baskets for out of sight storage in plain sight! The baskets add texture to the space and repeat the warm tones of the wood floor.

This one is not as pretty as the other ideas, but it sure is clever! Cut the top and bottom off an old soda bottle and use it to dispense plastic bags. Screw the bottle upside down to the back of a pantry or cabinet door.

Screw T-mold strips to the bottom of your cabinets for wine glass storage!

Do you have a little bit of extra space next to your fridge? Build this pull-out on wheels to store spices and canned goods! Brilliant!

What do you think? Are you inspired to tackle an organization project in your kitchen now?

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