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Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 Stash Busting Projects

Do you ever feel like your stash of supplies is getting out of control?  Finding that balance between having a "palette" to work with on creative projects and becoming a hoarder can be a little tricky!

Every now and then, we need to take an inventory of our stash, and decide if our supplies still represent who we are as designers, artists, crafters, and decorators. In 2015, I am challenging myself, and want to challenge you to join me, in a series of craft busting projects.

In 2014, I did this bead stash busting project. Not only did I use up lots of random beads I had been hoarding, but now I have lots of little "ready to go" charms to add to other projects!

My husband bought me these little vintage flower looms, which will be a great way to use leftover bits of yarn or twine, and these will be great for gifts or as components for other projects.

Everyone's stash is going to look a little different. I like to work in lots of different media, so I have everything from vintage trays and cookie tins, to leather, to fabric, to vintage linens, to smashed bottle caps, to beads, to random "found" objects for mixed media projects. In 2014, I was able to bust my stash of old leather bags and belts to create these little mini-book pendants.

We have lived through four home remodels in the last five years, and we are still in the middle of one of the larger projects!  So many of my supplies have been stored away in an attic. Part of my 2015 stash busting intentions will include going through the supplies in our attic and evaluating which are working for the artist I have become (we are all changing all the time). Supplies that don't fit who I am now will be donated.

Everyone has their own method of organizing for the New Year. Some suggest getting rid of a bag a stuff everyday. Others suggest cleaning out a closet a day. I don't think there is one right answer. Everyone's situation is different. Today I cleaned out my purse and I feel pretty good about that! Stash busting projects can be another way we organize our lives in 2015.

Stash busting is a great way to take care of gifts -- who doesn't love something handmade? It is also easy on the pocketbook and eco-friendly! Who knows? Busting your stash may even lead to a new way to earn money for your family!

As I inventory and organize my attic stash, I will have a "trash/ recycling pile", a donation pile, and a "bust this stash with some projects pile".

How about you? Is your stash getting out of control? I invite you to join me in 2015 as I bust my stash!

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