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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Repair Broken Jewelry With Paper

A few months ago, I found this broken necklace in an Alabama thrift store for a couple of dollars. It would have been cute, except for the fact that several of the cabochons had fallen off.

The necklace came home with me because I thought it would be simple to repair. It was very simple to repair, although it took me months to get around to it!

Of course, I had no matching cabochons at home, but what I did have was even better! I had this lovely sheet of vintage paper.

It was super easy to cut out circles from the paper and Mod Podge them into the empty necklace bezels.

After the Mod Podge was completely dry, I added Dimensional Magic to the top. The necklace now looks gorgeous, and it looks like it was always meant to have vintage text alternating with the cabochons.

Do you have some old jewelry in need of rescue? Do you ever remake your old jewelry?

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