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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Upcycle Your Christmas Tins!

Here's an idea for all those Christmas tins you received this year! Use them to organize your kitchen and your life.

Last year, I up-cycled this tin into a container for sweetener packets. It was functional, but considering that it lived out in the open, the snowman theme was a bit much.

Cute, but not how I want to decorate my kitchen.

The solution? Decorative duck tape! I had this pink and gray argyle tape in my craft room.

The tape was wrapped around the tin horizontally, taking care to match up the pattern.

How simple is that? For the lid, cover the top first, then cut a thin strip to wrap around the outer rim of the lid.

Use upcycled tins to keep your teas fresh, to organize makeup, or to store office supplies! The possibilities are limitless!

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