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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Library Card FREE Printable Template

I love the library.  I have great memories of pouring through the Nancy Drew titles as a girl, making my selections, and checking out. My friends and I liked to read the names on the library cards to see if we knew anyone who had checked out our books before us. Usually, we found each other's names.

Library cards are becoming a thing of the past, but nostalgia keeps me coming back to them. On our trip to India this year, we visited some beautiful places that I wanted to commemorate with some new designs. A series of library cards came out of this. This library card set is named after Kerala -- one of the loveliest places on this earth.
The flowers, the greenery, the waterways, the sunsets, sarees hanging to dry, the smiling people -- I never want to forget it. My daughter-in-law is from India, and she grew up in Kerala, with her nose in a book, so commemorating Kerala with a library card holder and a bookmark and note card seems fitting.

These library card sets are perfect for gift giving -- just use the library card holder as an envelope and tuck the included note card inside, and tie it onto the package. If you're gifting a book, tuck the matching book mark into the book.

To create your own library card set, print your coloring sheet template, and color the printed design using your choice of media. I like to use alcohol markers.

Next, score along the dotted lines on the note card and the library card holder. Fold on the score lines. The library card has two glue tabs. Run a small amount of adhesive onto the glue tabs, and assemble the "pocket." Tuck the note card into the pocket. Punch holes in the top of the bookmark (and, if desired, the library card holder). Tie ribbon or yarn or a tassel through the hole.

If you're in to junk journals, or art journals, or smash books, or planners, you will also love this project! The library card can be pasted inside the cover of your journal, or on a divider page of your planner, etc. I hope you enjoy this project!

Get your FREE printable here.

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