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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Make These Book Page Napkin Rings!

Whether you are hosting a large crowd, or just having an intimate dinner, this easy Fall napkin ring DIY is the perfect way to add a finishing touch to your Thanksgiving table.

You can even write guest's names on the leaves and use them as place cards!
This is a great way to stretch your entertaining budget, while also giving your table settings a one of a kind charm.

This project uses vintage book pages and paper towel rolls. Don't have vintage books? No problem! You can use a book from the dollar store or a thrift store, or use wrapping paper or old magazines. Get creative with your materials.

Start by cutting some paper towel cardboard into pieces about one and one quarter inches long. For each napkin ring, I cut two pieces, to make my napkin rings really sturdy. I trimmed a sliver away from one of the pieces, and glued it inside the other napkin ring to make it "double" thickness.

Next, I cut book pages into narrow strips and wound them around the cardboard rings to cover, securing the ends of each strip with a dot of glue.

For the flowers, I cut wide strips of book paper (about 2 inches or so) and folded them in half, lengthwise, taking care not to crease the fold line. I cut little slices into the folded edge to create the flower's petals. Then, I glued the cut edge of the strip closed and rolled it tightly to form the flower, securing often with small dots of glue.

I freehand cut some leaf shapes from more book pages. You can find a template online, or sketch a leaf shape, or use a die -- whatever works best for you.

To finish, glue the leaves and flowers to the napkin ring. How easy was that? You can easily knock out a dozen of these in one evening, while binge watching TV.

Feeling overwhelmed about entertaining, and not able to squeeze in one more project? That's okay! Here's an article about letting go and enjoying the people around you.

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