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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Free Furniture and Decor for Holiday Entertaining

It's November, and you know what that means. It's the time of year, when we look around our house and panic, because are house isn't ready for holiday entertaining.

We're counting our chairs, and making sure we have enough tables. This beautiful drop leaf table, as well as everything else in this post, is offered up for free on our local Craigslist.
A big square table like this will seat eight people, with two on each side! I think it's gorgeous like it is, but you could give the legs and apron a chippy farmhouse paint finish if you wanted. The nice thing about drop leaf tables, is that you can drop the side down and use it as a buffet, a sofa table, or an entry table, if you want. Or you can just drop one side, if space is too tight for a full sized table.

Every table needs some chairs, and here's an entire set of chairs, waiting on the curb for you to grab!

A coat or two of paint (optional) and some new fabric upholstery (also optional) will update these chairs in a hurry. Most dining chair upholstery jobs don't require sewing -- all you need is a staple gun. To see how to reupholster a dining seat, click here.

Remember these tables from the eighties? They are sturdy tables, and the chairs are comfy, but they are super dated and these are showing a lot of wear. That said, the chairs have wheels, people! If, like so many other people, you must use your dining table as a desk or craft table, those wheels would be amazing. Just saying....

I would pull off that metal trim, give the top a coat of darker stain, and paint the apron and legs with chalk paint or milk paint. I would paint the chair frames, and reupholster the seats and backs... or maybe I would try painting the fabric.... This Maine Cottage table, shown below, looks amazing with a wood finish top and a paint finish bottom, don't you think?

This little bed is pretty cute, just as it is. It just needs a mattress and bedding. If you will be hosting overnight guests during the holidays, the free offerings on Craigslist are a great place to look for beds.

You cold leave the bed white, or give it a coat of paint, like this bed from Maine Cottage. Or you can check out this bed makeover for inspiration.

We all need extra lighting and places for guests to place their drinks. This FREE floor table lamp is perfect for that. It's functional, and won't take up a lot of space. You can update the shade (you might even find one for free) and hit the base with some spray paint.

This dresser would make a great buffet for your Thanksgiving feast! 

The dresser below, from 38th Street, shows what a difference some paint can make!

The free pine chest, shown below, just needs a little TLC. Honey pine furniture was hugely popular in the nineties, but today it can feel a little too dowdy. 

A quick update with some gray paint (which you can probably also find FREE), will turn your free chest into something really classic. This chest, from UK's Crumple and Co, looks amazing with a neutral painted finish.

These free captain's chairs would be amazing with some updated paint and new fabric on the seats. They can flank an entry table or a buffet, or be pulled into the living room or dining room for extra seating. I like to put chairs in guest rooms, but there isn't always room for a larger chair. These would be perfect in small spaces.

Metal garage shelving can almost always be found in the free ads. When we lined the walls of our basement storage room with free standing shelves, it changed our lives. We finally had proper storage for seasonal gear and decor. Instead of sorting through stacks of boxes, and moving thirty boxes to get to that one box in the back corner, we could walk up to our shelves and pull down the box we were looking for. Life, Changing.

Suppose it's kitchen storage you need, rather than garage storage. No problem. With a quick coat of paint, and some wood shelves, you will have an industrial farmhouse style show piece, like this one from Frou Frugal! (be sure to check out her entire kitchen makeover -- it will blow your mind)

If you've got some time and some skills, you can always find free pallets. 

Pallet walls are all very popular, right now. Project Nursery shows how to build your own pallet wall.

You might be surprised how often folks are giving away art. These can be great, just as they are, or they can be painted over, made into signs, etc. You can even create a new piece of modern art, using free house paint. After all, it's free, so why not have some fun with it, right?

I hope this post has inspired you to take a second look at items you might otherwise pass on by -- and to check out the FREE ads!

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