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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vanity Bench Makeover Trash to Treasure

Have you ever had one of those embarrassing moments where you have house guests at the house you've been remodeling for nearly two years, and you realize you are using the same cardboard boxes for tables and TV stands that you were using when they visited a year earlier?  Yikes!  This happened to me a few weeks ago, and I realized it was time to start furnishing the beach house properly.

One of my problems is that the furniture that worked beautifully in my old Queen Anne Bungalow doesn't really work in my contemporary rustic beach house.  The other problem is that my budget will not allow a big new furniture shopping spree :)

So, I've had to get creative.  This vanity bench is one I've had for years -- it goes with a vintage bedroom set I have, but it has been relegated to basements and closets, because it was in such terrible condition.  Although the piece is very sturdy, the maple veneer was in bad shape, and the carved medallion was missing some pieces, so refinishing in a natural finish just wasn't going to be practical.  My husband wanted to throw the bench away, but I made him keep it, and we dragged it across the country when we moved, then stored it for two years! Do you have any idea how much husbands LOVE to pay money to store broken furniture?  Ha!

Well, I am glad we saved it.  We gave it a couple of quick coats of green paint (leftover from another project), then we distressed the edges with sandpaper.  The carving got hit with a little sandpaper, then the exposed wood and low points got hit with a little bit of walnut stain.  I'm loving the beachy distressed look!  The "antiquing" keeps it from looking too precious.

I was literally tearing open boxes in the attic, trying to find fabric to reupholster the seat, and grabbed the first piece I found that was heavy enough and big enough -- I got pretty lucky, I think! 

This is one of EIGHT furniture rehabs I've done in the last three weeks.  Plus, I have two pieces in progress, and several pieces waiting in the wings (we've got to get this place furnished, so my guest see some progress has been made between their visits)!   I'm guessing you will be seeing a few more of these furniture posts over the next several weeks :)

What projects are you working on to get your house "guest ready"?

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  1. LOVE the bench. It's so YOU. We recently remodeled my bedroom! After 12 years of talking about it! I'm so pleased. I did a 'before" post, and need to do an "after" post, but my camera broke (something I know you can relate to...) so it may be a while. As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPhone 4, the camera still sucks. It's much better than the one from the iPhone 3...but just about anything would be.
    I have a lot more to tell you, but it's probably better to do it in an email than a see you there!

  2. That is gorgeous!!! Total anthropologie feel to it!!


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