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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Use Sharpies to Decorate Pretty Paper Beads

Do you love paper beads, but find yourself creatively "stuck" when it comes to making them?

You might consider using your sharpie markers to take your paper beads to the next level. Paper beads are great for jewelry for people with autoimmune conditions that make them sensitive to heavier jewelry.
Sometime the weight of a simple necklace is just too painful to endure for my friends with auto immune disorders. Paper beads are also great additions for planners, journals, mixed media art, and card making.

To create a paper bead, I like to roll them on my homemade bead roller (see link for that tutorial below), but you can just use a toothpick or skewer. For tube beads, I use receipt paper to get a perfect tube.

For the bead shown below, I used a strip torn from a magazine page shown above to wrap around the tube base. It was then embellished with a gold sharpie.

Other tube beads were created from receipt paper, with a top layer of book paper, and just the ends were "gilded" with the gold pen. 

For a few of the beads, I used only receipt paper, rolled around the bead roller, and secured. A design was sketched on the bead using gold and navy blue markers.

Or, wrap plain paper tubes with pictures of art cut from magazines and add coordinating details with your marker, as I did with the bead shown above that has green coloring on the ends. The blue beads were done with shiny magazine paper that was then completely colored with sharpies. Since the paper was pretty slick, I had time to smudge the ink around with my fingers for a nice effect. Your finished beads can be sealed with any decoupage medium or paint sealer or clear nail polish.

I hope this encouraged you to experiment with using inks for your paper beads!

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