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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Striped Card From Scraps

If you're looking for a quick card making project, that also uses up your stash of scraps, this is the perfect project for you.

I was collecting a large stash of remnants from various projects, and wanted to use them up, so I decided to create my own "striped" card stock.

I started by cutting several of my scraps into narrow strips. These were then adhered to a piece of light weight card stock that I'd cut and folded into a card base. This is 60 lb card stock, which is usually just a bit too flimsy for card making.

I glued the pieces to the the front of the card base, keeping them flush with the folded side of the card, and allowing them to overlap the open side of the card. Then I flipped the card over and trimmed the pieces that were hanging over with scissors. Had I trimmed along the folded edge, I would have run the risk of accidentally cutting into the fold.

Next, I grabbed a piece of bias tape from my stash of fibers and fabric trims to use as a band across the front, and glued a premade Anna Griffin sentiment on top of that. You can use whatever ribbon or fiber you have on hand -- or use another strip of paper, if you don't have fibers.

I found some light weight paper that looked nice with the card to line an envelope, and Bam! Done.

This is a project you can easily do in twenty minutes to an hour, depending on the interruptions in your household.

I hope this project encourages you to grab the little moments to create something pretty.

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