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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Quick and Simple Birthday Card!

Sometimes it's nice to use premade materials when making a card. You get something that looks very professional, but is still unique and personal.

You can often find boxes of fifty card bases, with envelopes, for around five dollars, on sale or with a coupon. You just can't beat that price!

You might occasionally find packages of premade embellishments or sentiments that you just love. I purchased several packages of Anna Griffen sentiments a couple of years ago, and have enjoyed being able to elevate my cards with her lovely art. I also found a large package of premade cardboard flowers in a thrift shop, and I dig into those supplies, often, as well.

When I'm designing a card, and not sure which direction I want to go, I might start by choosing a color scheme. In this case, I chose the pretty floral card base as a jumping off point. Then I hit my stash of sentiments and embellishments to find things that coordinated. I found an Anna Griffin sentiment, a cardboard flower, a tag, some string, some plastic dots, and a piece of lightweight paper to line the envelope.

I lined the envelope first, saving the scraps to use on the card. To pull it all together, I used the lining scraps to mat the tag for the card.

The purple baker's twine was looped onto the tag, and the tag was adhered to the card base. I usually mat my premade card bases, since they are very thin, but this card was just too pretty to cover, and the tag did a great job of making the front of the card "sturdy".

Next the sentiment and the flower were attached to the tag. I added a green dot to the flower center, and pink dots randomly to the rest of the card.

This was such a simple card to make, and didn't involve getting out lots of supplies and tools. Sometimes, we want to create something, but time (or space or finances) restricts the tools or supplies we can use. That's okay -- in fact, sometimes it's restrictions on resources that allow us to create the most freely.

If you like easy card making ideas, you might love this easel card tutorial.

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