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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Cassette Tape Shelf to Gorgeous Tray!

When I brought an old cassette storage shelf home from the Goodwill Outlet, I think my husband thought I'd lost my mind. What in the world did we need that for?

Well, I love trays, and I was pretty sure this little shelf could be transformed into a unique and useful decor piece.

I started the transformation by cleaning the item, then pulling out all the little dividers.

Next, I dug into my stash of odds and ends and found a pair of vintage drawer pulls from an old dresser makeover. I thought these would make perfect handles for the tray.

I used some wood putty to fill the grooves where the divider ends had been inserted, then sanded the putty smooth. I didn't have any paint on hand, so I went down to the basement of our condominium, where people often dump stuff they don't want, and found some red paint.

I gave the tray a couple of coats of paint, sanded the edges just a little, then rubbed some stain onto the piece and wiped it off.

The handles were installed, and voila! A beautiful new tray!

This project was much easier than it looks. The hardest part was looking my husband in the eye when I brought the ugly cassette shelf home!

By the way, I've seen some crafters use cassette storage shelves to organize stamp pads! I'm not sure which brands of stamps fit best, but it's a great idea.

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