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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How to Draw Fanciful Mushrooms -- Easy!

Sometimes it's fun to sketch something fanciful. A couple of years ago, my granddaughter and I decided to draw each other pictures and mail them to each other.

These little mushrooms were originally drawn to send to her, but then my contractor came by with his little girl, and she loved the mushrooms, so I sent them home with her. Don't worry, my granddaughter got plenty of other pictures. 
I found a couple of pictures of the finished mushrooms the other day, and thought I would share with you how easy they are to draw.

Many years ago, I took an art class where we were creating stylized flowers. I was from Arizona, where we didn't have lots of flowers. I chose to create a stylized iris, but I'd never really studied one in real life, because... Arizona. It soon became obvious that I had no idea what I was doing, and the instructor used the opportunity to lecture the class on knowing what a real flower looks like, and what all the parts are, before creating a stylized version of the flower. With that in mind, I created the scientific sketch, above, showing all the important parts of a fanciful fairy mushroom, because... science.

To draw your own fanciful mushrooms, start by drawing an oval to represent the bottom of the mushroom cap. Then draw a second oval, inside the first oval, as shown. I am drawing two mushrooms, so I've drawn to sets of ovals.

Now, attach some stems to the inner ovals. I drew mine to be somewhat bulbous at the bottom, but you can draw yours straighter, if desired.

Erase the parts of the oval that would be covered, visually by the stems, as shown below. Add a little curved line, coming out from the top of each side of the stem. This is for the sides of the "ring" on the stem of the mushroom.

Connect the lines with some pretty scallops. Again, erase any lines that would be covered, visually.

Now, add a second oval around the original oval.

Draw an upside down bowl, attached to the larger oval, to represent the mushroom "cap".

Now, sketch in some gills, radiating out from the stem, under the cap.

Erase any remaining overlapped lines, and add some grasses, if desired.

Don't forget to add some "magic spots". Okay, that's not actually a scientific term, but "warts" and "patches" doesn't sound as nice.

You can stop at this point, or you can go full fairy house, and add some doors and windows.

On the drawing I gifted to my contractor's little girl, I added a fanciful butterfly.

Have fun with your drawing, and don't take it too seriously. It's pretty hard to mess up, when you're drawing something fanciful. Use anything to add color to your finished sketch (or don't add color -- your choice). I used colored pencil, and markers, and used white-out for the magic spots.

For some more easy art tutorials, click here.

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