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Thursday, May 3, 2018

How to Create Card Kits From Your Stash

We've spent a lot of time traveling during the past year, and I wanted to be able to bring crafting projects along with me on our journeys. At the same time, I had lots of partially or mostly empty 12 by 12 paper pads, that needed to be used up.

I decided to create some "card kits" with the paper. Now, whenever I want to be creative in my travels, I can simply grab some card kits and go.

The first thing you need to create your kits is an envelope maker. For this project, I used the WRMK Envelope Punch Board, but I might use my Kreate-a-Lope template next time, because it's so much faster. Both are excellent products.

I spent an evening making envelopes. These were made with the pattern side out, but for mailing you might want the white side on the outside. These envelopes were also made a bit bigger than they needed to be, because I like to make bulky cards.

After making your envelopes, you will have lots of strips of paper left over. Add a few scraps of matching and coordinating paper to each envelope. Throw in embellishments or fibers that you may want to use. I like to include more things than I will actually need, so that I will have some creative choices.

You will also want to make a stack of card bases. I have been on a tag making kick lately, so I made my card bases in a tag shape.

Here are a few of the envelopes, with scrap paper tucked inside. When I want to grab a "kit", I find an envelope I like and grab a card base. I also keep a stash of die cut and stamped sentiments and three dimensional flowers that are easy to grab. 

Put everything into a container of some sort, and include some scissors and adhesive and a couple of pens, and you are ready to go. I like to close my hand delivered cards with washi tape, so I always include a roll in my travel kit.

Do you have a favorite stash busting tip? Do you travel with craft supplies? Let me know in the comments.

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