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Thursday, May 17, 2018

How to Make a Quilted Greeting Card

Nothing says comfort like a handmade quilt. Snuggling in with a beautiful quilt is like getting a comforting hug. Now, you can send a hug to loved ones far away or right next door with this easy quilted card.

To make this card, you will need an embossing machine and an embossing folder. Embossing machines can be found fairly affordably at big craft stores (use your 40% off coupon). Lately, I've been seeing them at Tuesday Morning, as well.

You will also need several small scraps cut into squares.

You will want to start by adhering your squares to a piece of light weight card stock. I used the edge of the card stock to help me align my squares. Then, I carefully cut the arrangement of squares from the sheet of card stock, and matted it with another piece of light weight card stock.

This was run through the embossing machine with a scalloped embossing folder. I chose the scallop because it's what my grandmother used for her "everyday" quilts. She would tie a pencil to a string and pin the other end of the string to the front of her quilting frame, using a thumb tack. She would then draw an arc, wrap the string around her pencil once, and draw another arc, wrap it again, and so on. Then, she would move the thumb tack over several inches and do it again, until she had a row of scallops drafted out across her quilt. My grandmother would piece quilts in her spare time all year, but the quilt frame didn't go up until after the canning was done in the fall.

Embossing folders are like magic. Flat paper goes in, beautifully textured paper comes out. I added stitching lines with a black smudge-proof, permanent pen before embossing.

Next, mat your embossed piece and adhere it to a card base.

Add a sentiment, and you have a lovely hug anyone would be happy to receive.

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