Google+ House Revivals: Stripping at the Beach This Weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stripping at the Beach This Weekend!

Uhhhmmmm, that would be wallpaper stripping.
Can you see all the grasscloth wallpaper in this place?  It is in all of the public spaces of the beach house.  And it needs to come down.  It is badly damaged and fraying from cats' and dogs' claws. 

It is also thirty years old, so all of the thread fibers woven through the grass have rotted, which makes it just a mess to strip! 

I have the entryway about half-way stripped, and the dining area about a quarter of the way done.  Now it's time to finish it up.  It is truly a dreadful job, and it makes me sneeze!

At least I will have this great view, to remind me how truly blessed I am.