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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stone Floors and Beautiful Spaces

The beach house we're renovating has flagstone floors.  They're actually not my favorite flooring, but replacing them is just not in our budget.  And, actually, they are very beautiful -- and perfect for a place where sand is constantly being tracked into the house.  So, I've been collecting images of beautiful interiors with flagstone flooring.

image courtesy

I love the contrast of the colorful galoshes and cheery yellow wall in the image above.  And what's not to love about that great dog!

image courtesy

This image feels homey and welcoming.  Love the row of cowboy boots and the woven rug on the flag flooring.

image courtesy

Don't you love how conservatories sort of blur the line between indoors and out?  In the room here, the stylist brought in an assortment of elegant chairs and textiles, and they look right at home with the more rustic flooring.

country living

Here's another great space and another great dog!  The shabby dreamy aesthetic is lovely with the flag flooring.

Hammett Kitchen eclectic kitchen

This yellow kitchen makes me happy.  Who doesn't adore a cool vintage stove?  Once again, the bright color plays off the natural stone beautifully.
Hammett Entry eclectic entry

Candy sweet pinks and purples and yellows are amazing against the stone!

Sullivan Conard Architects traditional staircase

Here, the flagstone flooring holds it own in a very elegant and formal entry way.
Main Cabin traditional family room

Doesn't this space make you want to snuggle in with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa?

Stars Coffee Table tropical living room

Here, the gray slate flooring is understated, and takes a backseat to the dramatic views.

This scene from Wisteria is gorgeous...  This scene from the beach house... not so much, but things are coming along. 

All the new framing is completed, we have the plumbing, HVAC, and electric all roughed in, just waiting to be inspected, and we have stairs to the front door, so no more climbing in on a ladder!   Next week we order our cabinets (should have been done already, but life and travel and income taxes got in the way).
Now, tell me what you think.  

Could you live with flagstone floors?  
Love 'em or hate 'em?  

Do you have a picture of a gorgeous interior with flagstone floors? 
If you do, add a link in the comments!

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  1. I think the flagstone floors can look great, as the photos show, but they are hard on the back. However, for a beach house I think they'll be just right!

  2. These examples are all pretty. No, we don't have stone floors, just wood in some areas and tile in others. We could not afford natural stone! Seems like you might be really fortunate :)

  3. My front porch is flagstone and I love it. Of course, it's not inside the house but I think I would like it in a beach house. I love the yellow kitchen you pictured....I have a vintage stove just like the one shown...Love it!!!

  4. Wonderful images, I adore stone floors AND walls too! Going to go see your beach renovation now...

  5. I love them, especially in the beach house. Although, as we have discussed several times, I don't love them in kitchens, but a good throw rug to cushion the steps can help with that.

    My dad has slate tile in the entry and I really like it with the things he has in his place.

  6. I think I'd love them. While wood floors are warm, I came to appreciate stone floors when we lived in Germany, and am happy to have tile floors in all of the downstairs except for the living room,, which is wood. Especially for a beach house, stone makes a statement about really living in the house being the most important thing.

  7. From the beginning of this journey of yours, I've loved the flagstone floor and couldn't understand why you didn't! As someone who has spent many a summer week at waterfront property, believe me, you want something easy for the sand to collect on ;-) Just a fact of sand, regardless of how careful you demand shoes outside and brush off your feet and all that jazz. Sand has it's own locomotion and doesn't seem to even need feet ;-) Looking forward to my visit so much!

  8. I love the stone floors, they are so beautiful! That fireplace picture is amazing! I could snuggle right in there. :) Your home is coming along wonderfully and the flooring is looking beautiful!

  9. The stone floors have a certain charm about personality to a home. I would think they would be perfect for your home at the beach! We have vacationed a lot in South Caroline at Kiawah Island, and most of the houses we rented had wood floors. It seems that the owners were constantly having them refinished due to the sand. Sand will not affect your stone.

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  11. Beautiful photos - I think the floor is perfect for your beach house! Yes, I could live with flagstone floors. Next to rich, wide plank, distressed hardwood floors, stone (slate) is my favorite. I'm hoping to do a flagstone patio under our grape arbor. :) Things are coming along. I love the sneak peeks of your beach house.


  12. I would love to have flagstone floors. Oh my gosh - they are amazing. A friend had them in her home in North Carolina - even her pool deck was flagstone and they were awesome. Perfect. And you never have to worry about flaws..or scratches. You are very lucky to have this amazing floor!


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