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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Budget Wedding Decor

A few weeks ago I shared these elegant hydrangea centerpieces we did for our daughter's wedding reception last summer.  The reception venue was a restored net shed overlooking the Columbia River -- it was a gorgeous space.  But it was just a bit too large for our party.  We needed to fill in some corners, and it needed to happen on a tight budget!  The solution we found was to decorate branches with these fun little pompoms.

The nice thing about this idea is that you can use it indoors or out -- these sweet pompoms hold up to the weather really well.  Since we are in the Pacific Northwest, this is pretty important!

These little guys were super easy to make.

We used silk flowers from dollar store leis and dollar store whiffle balls (I have absolutely NO idea how to spell whiffle -- or is it wiffle? whiffel? wiffel?).  Using flowers from leis ended up being quite a bit cheaper than buying bunches of silk flowers!  For smaller pompoms, we bought packages of ping pong balls to use as a base.  We also found some slightly larger whiffle balls at a thrift store, so we had three sizes of pompoms to decorate our branches.

 After pulling the leis apart, we just glued the flowers onto the whiffle balls -- in no time at all we had a little pile of sweet pompoms.  A loop of ribbon was glued to each pompom to hang it.

I wish I could share pictures of the decorated branches from the reception, but all my pictures showing the branches have people in them, and I want to respect their privacy.   I took these photos of the decorations outside so you could get an idea of how they looked on the branches at the reception venue.

They looked great!

It was such an easy and inexpensive way to "fill out" the space, and add color to the room.

Pardon the blurring in this pic -- I've smudged out the 
faces of the wedding guests for the sake of their privacy.

We even used them at the beach ceremony, tied onto the poles of the wedding huppah with wide ribbons of flowy fabric. The ribbons of fabric danced gloriously in the wind!

Just for fun, here is a basket of kids' games and activities we had at one of the reception tables.  Our celebration was a family event, and we wanted everyone to have fun.  Trust me when I say, this basket bought moms and dads of kiddos precious hours of dancing and socializing and celebration!

I hope you enjoyed a little peak into our daughter's wedding celebration!  The pompoms were such a simple and inexpensive decoration, suitable for lots of different types of parties, mobiles, or just about anything.

Edit:  Okay, I looked up "whiffle" -- turns out it's "Wiffle", and it's a specific brand of ball, so I guess my Dollar Tree balls are called Wiffle balls in the same way that store brand tissues are called Kleenex.  They're not really Wiffle balls at all, but what else can you call them?  "Hard plastic balls with holes in them" is kind of a mouthful.   :)
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  1. What a great idea! THIS I could do. a bridal shower at the end of the month...
    P.S I'm blogging daily (no Sundays) for an April challenge with some real published authors, and other bloggers. 1200+ of us. Check me out if you have time. Your feedback has always been so helpful to me.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  2. Hey great idea, and very timely as I'm in the throws of helping my son and his fiance decide on decorations for the hall for their wedding in May. These look great - I'll have to send them the link. Thanks.

  3. Great idea! Of course a wedding on the beach totally rocks! Loved the flowers on the huppa!

  4. Love the idea of a kiddie basket. It's a shame more people don't think to keep kids occupied at events, so it's very throughtful of you to remember them and give their parents some time off.

    I never thought about using leis and garland for anything else until my cousin got married. His new MIL was a florist, so she and his wife went to Big Lots and bought garland to make the bouquets. It ended up being surpringinly nice though.

  5. Interesting! The thought to use these lovely adornment fills makes the even more wonderful, not to mention budget friendly. Thanks to you I have another pretty things listed in my bookmarks.

  6. What great pieces of decor...
    lovely and looks real easy to do,
    I think even I can do it ♥

  7. That was an awesome idea. Thanks for the inspiration

  8. Genius!!! Now I've gotta think of a reason to make them :) Thanks for sharing!!!! (Found your blog through Someday Crafts - Yay!)

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  10. Great idea. I will be using this idea. I am doing my sons' rehearsal dinner this Dec. I am decorating the hall in Winter wonderland. I am going to make these pom poms to use as snowballs laid amongst my centerpieces. Thanks for the info.


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