Google+ House Revivals: Winter Beach Inspired

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter Beach Inspired

We're back from our beach color safari!  We were looking for color inspiration for the beach house remodel.

I think we found some. We love the gray of the winter sky, with golden ribbons of reflected sunlight.

Still intrigued by the pearly lavenders and grays of the abundant razor clam shells.

Not sure if I've mentioned how we love the winter sky....

... and the sea... and the beach.

The blues and grays and whites and browns, all working perfectly together....

The yellows and greens of the dune grass against the gray-blue sky...

... the silver of the driftwood against the gray-beige sand...

Even the color of fungus is inspirational, when it looks like amber on this silvery weathered log!

And a bit more ambery goodness....

We'll continue to collect color inspiration on our trips to the shore.  Already, a palette is forming in my mind, but we have a little time before we need to make our color choices....

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. Lots of inspiration there - I love it all. While I'm away, our powder room is being re-done and will need painting. I'm very tempted by these shades.

  2. I love these pictures! I miss the Northwest a lot!

  3. You pictures are beautiful. I love all the blues and the picture of the shell on the sand!

  4. I love the beach so much, too.! And I like the new blog design. Totally cool to see all the places you've been featured. You continue to amaze, my friend. Looking forward to experiencing the remodel from afar.


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