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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beach House Update

I've been so busy working on, and posting about, these...

That you might have forgotten (or not have known about, if you're a new follower) this...

But trust me when I say, it's been on my mind!  This is our beach house.  The fixer upper we bought because we like a good challenge -- and because we love the beach. 

This house has great bones, and is structurally very sound.

It just needs a little TLC... okay, it needs a lot of TLC....

... and it needs to be lifted over nine feet!  Okay, "need" is a strong word, but the view will go from this...

... to this.  Can you see why we feel we "need" to do this?  We're a couple of romantics.

I met with our contractors last week, and the lifting prep is scheduled to start in two days.  It's been a long haul just to get to the hard part of this journey! We found this place last spring, and spent months negotiating to buy it.  Then it took months to close on the property.  Then it took a couple more months to finish the engineered drawings and to get the permit (I did the other construction drawings myself, since that's part of what interior designers go to school for, but the "lift" had to be engineered to meet all the new earthquake and wind requirements). 

By the middle of next week the house should be up on cribbing!  Just in time for the hard rains to start here in the Pacific Northwest..., but our contractors are hardy souls.

And the ultimate result will be worth the wait, don't you think?

Be sure to watch for updates, as we continue the beach house renovation.   Also, I hope to have the tutorials up for the woven stars tonight or tomorrow, so watch for that, too!
 And for all my beach blogging friends, there is some beach inspired Christmas decor in the works, as well.

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Enjoy your Tuesday!

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