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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Make This Scrappy Christmas Tree Card!

Do you need to send out some last minute Christmas cards? Did you run out of cards before you made it through your mailing list? Here is a simple card idea that does not require special Christmas papers or dies or stamps. Making these cards couldn't be easier!

You will need scraps of decorative papers, scissors, and some card stock and card bases. I used patterned card bases I found on clearance a couple of years ago, but you can make your card bases from card stock if you like.

Start by creating a simple Christmas tree template -- basically a triangle with a trunk. Use your template to trace the shape onto scraps of card stock (or ugly card stock that you will never use).

Next, cut your small scraps of decorative paper into strips between one-quarter inch and one-half inch wide. Glue your decorative strips to the card stock "tree".

Keep glueing, until the entire triangle portion is covered.

Turn the tree over and trim away the excess strips.

Glue a piece of brown card stock to the tree trunk, as shown.

Turn the card over and trim away the excess paper from the trunk.

If desired, use a gold or silver sharpie to outline the tree edges and the edges of each strip.

Or ink the edges. Or leave them plain. You decide on the look you want for your card. Glue the Christmas tree to your card front, or glue it to a mat, and glue the mat to a card front. Or, punch a hole in the top of your tree to make a gift tag!

You can add stick on gems, if you like, or buttons, or nothing. You can even add additional layers of interest by tearing or cutting some long strips of paper to layer underneath your scrappy tree, as shown below. While you're stash-busting, why not line the card with a coordinating paper?

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