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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gift Card Holder From Paper Towel Tube!

Do you love making cute stuff, and love upcycling, too? If so, you will love learning how to make gift card holders from paper towel tubes.

Start by gathering some decorative paper (I used pages from an old music book), a paper towel tube, adhesive, ribbon or twine, and embellishments.

Flatten your paper towel tube, marking it in two four and one-half inch lengths. Cut your paper tube along marked lines.

Save your small leftover piece for these cute firestarters, made with used Scentsy wax.

Using a very thin bead of wet adhesive, glue the bottom edges of your tube pieces together.

Now cut a piece of decorative paper to wrap around the tube, as shown. I didn't measure anything here -- I just wrapped, creased, and cut. In the picture above, I've drawn dashed lines to show where to crease your paper and where to clip away excess paper. Make sure to leave about a half-inch at the bottom, to fold up, and a half-inch at the top, to fold in.

Before folding the top inside the tube, crease the fold line and trim a sliver from each edge.

Next, punch a hole in the top, to tie the gift card holder closed. Embellish as desired.

I wrapped mine with paper from my scrap pile, wrapped everything with baker's twine, and topped it all with punches and stickers.

This project was surprisingly quick and easy, and the finished product is pretty enough to hang from the Christmas tree! What a fun way to dress up and personalize a gift card.

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