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Friday, April 11, 2014

Jonathan Adler, I Love You!

There. I've done it. I've professed my love to the world. While most of you are crushing on some hunky movie star, I'm crushing over a potter. Of course Jonathan Adler is not just any potter -- he's an amazingly gifted potter who branched out into furniture design and now has a chain of boutiques that bear his name.

Oh, Jonathan, I know you are in a relationship -- and I have been married for nearly thirty years, and raised three children with my husband, but he just doesn't understand me like you do! The color, the glitz, the glam, the retro-but-not-kitchy, the handcrafts, the art, the warmth -- you get me. Oh, how I love you.

(This post is participating in Blogging A to Z. J is for Jonathan -- an open letter to my crush.)

Your new store opened up in my city a few months ago. It is so full of wonder. I wanted to curl up on your sofa and flip through a magazine.

Or maybe have cocktails with my hip and trendy friends.

And maybe do brunch....

The starburst mirror, the drum shade, the comic graphics, the lattice patterns, the antlers -- your spaces have it all. You don't just follow the trends, you lead the way!

How did you know about my love of Juju hats?  Clearly, you've been reading my blog. Maybe you love me just a little.

And my love of color and textiles?  Yes, you definitely get me.

You knew I liked fun chairs...

... and funky chairs...

...and clean-lined modern pottery, with gold details.

Somehow, you even knew I loved dogs and cats!

Even your curated wall galleries are amazing.  Seriously, if I wasn't already wanting to marry you, I might have to marry Rex Ray -- the collage artist who did these stunning glossy resin coated pieces.

Alas, I know my love will go unrequited, but I will take solace in the fact that you must care at least a little bit -- how else would you know me so well?

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