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Monday, April 14, 2014

Decorating With Laptop Tables

Do you like to use your laptop while hanging out in the living room?  Sometimes you want to use your computer, but you also just want to relax on the sofa or in a comfy chair.

(This post is participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. L is for Laptop Tables. See link in sidebar)

My husband is a software engineer, and he needs to check in to work frequently, and also enjoys writing code at home in the evenings. We've tried using a coffee table that raises up, and while that is okay, you still have to lean forward to use them with a laptop  -- and the coffee table can block other's view of the television.
I have been looking for an attractive laptop table for him.  Here are some of the options I have found so far.

This table from World Market is simple and stylish, and won't take up much space, but I'm concerned it's not quite high enough to slide over someone's lap.  Similar versions of this table can be found at mass market catalogue and box stores, and they are very affordable.

This laptop caddy from Frontgate is adjustable, and it rolls, which is handy, but the stand is not terribly attractive and the base may need more clearance than is available under some sofas.  It also needs a lot of clearance between the table surface and the chair arm because of the bulky mechanism.

While this piece from Concord Furniture and Accessories, is made for outdoor use, it is beautiful enough to use indoors, as well. Check the dimensions to be sure it will work with your furniture.

This very traditionally styled piece has a tilted table top, and a slide out tray for beverages.

I love the modern styling of this green table from CB2!

This vintage pink typewriter table from Prudent Baby, would make a really fun re-purposed laptop table!

A quick scan of my local craigslist yielded this vintage green typewriter table for $60!

Ana White created plans to make this rolling C table.

If you're not a wood worker, but you are good with your hands, you might try building a simple C table, like the one from World Market, out of plumber's pipe!

Do you use your laptop in your living room?  Do you set it on your lap, or the coffee table, or do you have a special laptop table?

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