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Saturday, April 12, 2014

{10} Knock Off Tutorials You Will Love!

Do you adore a great knock-off? Now, when I say knock-off, what I really mean is a new creation inspired by something, well.... inspirational!

Here are ten favorite knock-offs from House Revivals!

(This post is participating in the Blogging A to Z Challenge -- see the link in my side-bar. K is for Knock-Off!)

This Anthropologie knock-off is a knock-off of an Anthro knock-off of vintage knobs!

The faux coral specimen is a knock off of a Pottery Barn knock off of real coral!

The mariner's compass starburst mirror is a knock off of similar mid-century mirrors and clocks.

Here is another knock off of Pottery Barn knocking off nature--this time making faux starfish!

This sign was inspired by a prop used in a Pottery Barn catalogue.

Who doesn't love a quick project? These cabinet handles were inspired by some twine wrapped Anthropologie hardware.

You can even knock off a handbag! This detail shot is from a Jimmy Choo knock-off I shared about here.

No form is safe from my favorite media -- vintage book pages!  Here is the first of two tutorials for making Cameroonian Juju hat inspired wreaths.

Do you love reclaiming materials to use in knock-off projects? This Layla Grace knock-off mirror was made from old magazines!

Traditional handcrafts are so inspirational! The woven Swedish Advent Star shown below was adapted to vintage book pages (and, of course, glitter)!

Of course, knock-offs are nothing new. The huge Japanning trend of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was an attempt at knocking off beautiful lacquered pieces from the Orient, shared about in this post.  People have always been inspired by the creations of others. Today, we see lots of knock-offs by big name mass marketing companies. They send buyers out to scour flea markets and search out folk art from all over the world, then they create products inspired by the items they find.  There truly is nothing new under the sun!

Does the beauty that surrounds you inspire you to create your own "knock-offs"?

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