Google+ House Revivals: Cabinet Hardware Makeover {Anthropologie Inspired}

Friday, August 10, 2012

Cabinet Hardware Makeover {Anthropologie Inspired}

Are you stuck with ugly fake brass and honey oak cabinet hardware that you hate?  Here's a quick and inexpensive way to update those old builder grade cabinet handles.

This project was inspired by these lovelies from Anthropologie.  Gorgeous as they are, they can be pretty pricey when you need to buy twenty or thirty of them for your kitchen.

Here is my Anthro inspired updated hardware:

Start by cleaning, priming, and painting your handles.  I used an oil rubbed bronze paint from Rustoleum.

Next, grab a roll of jute or cotton twine and start wrapping your handles!  It's really that easy.  Start with a quick over-under knot to secure the end, then tuck the tail back and wrap the twine around the handle and the tail of twine. Trim the tail, if necessary, and continue wrapping to the end, tucking the remaining tail under the loops and securing with a dab of clear drying glue.

Not counting the time it takes the paint to dry, this project took less than five minutes per handle!  How's that for a super easy and quick update?