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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beach House Design and Renovation

As we begin ramping up for a new year of new (and old) projects, I have been reflecting on the design and progress of our beach house renovation.  We have come a looooooong way!   Looking back at the original state of things, I wonder if we were out of our minds to take this on, especially when I see all the work still left to accomplish.

This was the street view of our beach house the first time we saw it. Sometimes you just have to step back and remind yourself where you are going...

... and how far you have already come.  The image above shows an exterior concept for the beach house -- looks easy right?  Just slap on some paint and some new decks -- how easy is that?  Oh, and raise the house nine feet!

Easy peasy!

Honestly, the exterior has not progressed much beyond this point in the last six months -- the rains came here in the PNW, and we focused our efforts inward.

This is what the first guest room looked like when we viewed the house the first time!

This is how we envisioned the space....

.... and this is how it looked early last summer. 

It looks quite a bit different than this, now, but we still need to do the board and batten, build the window seat, and hang the window treatments. The illustration below shows this guest room, and another guestroom, in relation to a funny little attic space.  We opened the wall between this bedroom and the attic to create a sleeping loft (this is a beach house, so we will be having lots of guests)!

Here is the concept for other guest room.  We still need to build out the cabinets and hang the board and batten in this room, but like the other room, it is already "finished" by builder standards.

The loft above the living room opened onto a leaking deck on the east side (with a lovely harbor view).

We had to enclose the deck, because of the leaks.  This turned out to be a good thing, because the loft space was enlarged, and the view was enhanced.   This is our concept for the newly enlarged space!

This was the space during construction....

We have plans for the courtyard, as well!

So, this was where we started on our project, and a few of the places we've been along the way, and where we're heading.  We've actually made quite a bit of progress since most of these interior shots were made.  Looking at some of these old  photos almost makes me wonder why we took on a deep renovation like this, then I remember...

We did it for the sunsets....

Imagine the Impossibilities!

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  1. Oh, it is going to be a lovely place! Yes, it is all worth it in the end, just to be able to look at the view and enjoy sunsets!

  2. It's gonna be great! Well... it's actually already great. With the finishing touches it's going to be fabulous!

  3. You have a great space. I love the setting. It's going to be beautiful.

  4. I'm so looking forward to a visit. Gotta get off bed-rest (yes, again) first though...but I didn't come here to whine, I came here to see the progress and it's amazing! Those sunsets are precious, and we don't know how many we have. I have full confidence that RemodelWoman will complete this project just as spectacularly as you did your former house.

    Tina @ Life is Good

    Co-Host of the April 2012 Blogging from A to Z Challenge

    Twitter: #atozchallenge

  5. Is a house really ever finished?!! Yours is coming along fabulously ... i have been amazed at the progress! and i do love enjoying photos of your sunsets!

  6. Wow, what vision you have! Keep up the good work! Would love to see the finished product.

  7. Oh my goodness, what a project! I signed up to be a follower so I don't miss a thing...or a sunset! Thank you so much for linking up to the challenge! Karah

  8. I already told you I would camp out on your beach - I can't wait to see everything you do!
    Thanks so much for joining our Impossibilities Challenge

  9. That is one major project there! But how I miss the beach ... (I'm sorry, Lake Michigan doesn't count).

    Thanks so much for joining our Impossibilities challenge!


  10. Yup that would be the reason why. Patience grasshopper! Eventually those gorgeous concepts will be a reality and you will be enjoying so many awesome times with your family there! Grandkids will be growing up there! What great memories they are going to have!

  11. Wow! I'm new to your blog and LOVE the beach house redesign!!!

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  13. Your new beach house is going to be so fantastic! I love your plans for it :)


  14. Hi Amanda! You have gathered nice inspirational ideas for your rooms! I like the concept for the loft space! I’m sure that it would be a great place to enjoy the view of the beach!

    Kayce Church


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